photo-bryon“The latest release from the Nashville duo The Mary Dream is not your average recording. This Kind of Life gracefully paints a new picture with each tone, strum and ring, giving the listener an overwhelming wave of warmth and honesty. Each song captures a wonderful innocence that is exhibited brilliantly through very minimal arrangements and intelligent musicianship. Vocalist Elise Bellew and instrumentalist Blake Ryan Dayton have taken a mixture of truth, emotion and tone to another level. Simplicity and patience deliver eleven tracks to the ears like warm honey to the tongue…

By the end of the record, my careful listening and appreciation for the emotion invested in its creation brought tears to my eyes. Excellent chord progressions, intelligent dynamics, and pure emotion fuel this piece masterfully. From artists who are truly independent, this release contains all the quality, style and brilliance of a classic that many will try to emulate for years to come. Bellew and Dayton should hold this one proudly and see what memorable gifts they have given to the ears of the world.”

Bryon Turcotte

“The Mary Dream have combined all the best elements of pop with a sentiment that runs deeper. It would be a beautiful world indeed if more musicians followed suit.”

Performing Songwriter Magazine

“One of Nashville’s most engaging and arresting alternative rock ensembles. Performing original material that deftly blends aspects of trance, rock and pop. Beautiful World showcases Elise Bellew’s flowing, striking delivery and equally distinctive lyrics, augmented by the chordal clusters and backdrops of Blake Ryan Dayton’s guitar work.”

Nashville City Paper